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October 26 2017

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#spooky #starcatchervr night sky http://ift.tt/2xpksjy

October 26 2016

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Black Mirror: “Nosedive” Ringtones

For anyone interested, the actual notification sounds used in the @blackmirror episode on social currency have been made available to download, through a Reddit Q&A:

HERE ARE THE RINGTONES – Netflix have just copied-and-pasted them in here – use wisely



Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing

May 23 2015

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Cross Diagonal Bubble Sorting

May 22 2015

BREAKING: Patriot Act has 48 hours to live.



We’re so close to making the government get a legit warrant before they can monitor and track us. For all the people who have ever wanted to see or worked towards the end of the Patriot Act over the past dozen years, this is our moment.

If Congress does nothing—something they are very…

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The Great FireWall Of China ate me… brb #tunneling

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The Great FireWall Of China ate me… brb #tunneling

March 21 2015

March 20 2015

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New Safecast nGeigie boards built up

March 19 2015

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Labyrinth in Circle

Inspired by 10 Print. Built with Processing.

For future reference, if i need an ic package layout

@viduata of NSL :

It’s part outlines and landing layouts for about 300 different IC packages. The first half is mostly company-specific, but the second half is regular normal stuff. Very useful to have around if you build a lot of PCBs. Nice to have it all in one place.

March 06 2015

[Purity Ring’s Gems] light up like the sidewalk squares in Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”
Tom Breihan

March 03 2015

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@PURITY_RING performs Wednesday on #LNSM w a new instrument we @crashspaceLA peeps built \/


Get ready for the week ahead!

February 24 2015

"There is no higher compliment you can pay a work of art than wanting to spend time with it.” -Leo Villareal

November 18 2014

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A delightful stroll through the last remains of sunlight on a bitter cold, otherwise lovely, Sunday afternoon. (via @risknc)

October 09 2014

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#Kittywiththegoldengun #unicornwitheyesthatshootlaserbeams @rinoyachtclub @hotpossie @mpinner

Chaotic Awesome @crashspacela sticker in the wild !

October 08 2014

September 06 2014

great times with a solid team in silicon valley tesla spotting tonight; i think we counted 10 and many had female drivers.

September 05 2014

June 25 2014

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June 15 2014

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Undead Disney Princess Cosplay
yes, it is a thing.
(via seanbonner)

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