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January 18 2014

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That was fun!
I taught some 8th-12th graders computer graphics programming. We covered everything from “hello world” to animations, colors, user input, light matrix/image manipulation, and more… They loved it!
While I had to leave, they were still coding up a storm.

December 23 2013

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bright blue and purple wreath… why should trees get all the led christmass fun?

December 22 2013

November 21 2013

November 20 2013

for all the yogis in the crowd…


Absolutely amazing, riveting, and breathtaking. Our bodies are capable of such feats. 

via missjennab:||blackswanyoga:

Variations on Sun Salutations

Philip Askew and Lydia Walker

October 26 2013

Pumpkin Carving Oct 26th 7pm

Pumpkin Carving Oct 26th 7pm

Come to Crashspace and carve pumpkins! Bring your own squash cultivar and make a pretty project with help from our expert staff. In addition to standard faces and carvings, see people experimenting with blinkies and alternative lighting strategies.

October 25 2013

Good god, this life-sized unicorn cake is filled with rainbows

yum yum… ill have one for my baliween birthday

October 24 2013

Minshare FRIDAY!

I’m very sad to miss this one, but I hope you all can make it

October 19 2013

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Because of monkeys…

October 16 2013

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eskila animated.

October 15 2013

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Flow Fire Retreat (thanks Master Ong!)

October 14 2013

October 13 2013

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October 12 2013

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Dressed to cut a rug and kill

October 11 2013

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Etsy gone wrong… Elephant Pattern Sexy Shorts (cc: @eskila)

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Future problem solvers of the past

October 10 2013

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Getting crafty

October 09 2013

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Blood sucking birthday celebrations

October 08 2013

October 07 2013

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Surreal ocean skies

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